Gisela Weyde: From Athena to Hera.

Current exhibition in Pálffy Palace

The exhibition ‘From Athena to Hera’ presents the life and work of Gisela Weyde (1894 Košice – 1984 Halle, Germany), with a focus on the 1920s. Weyde’s art production has been documented very sporadically, and her work in art history and conservation has enjoyed only marginal attention. Most materials have been preserved in archives in Bratislava, Dresden and Budapest.

Erwin Wurm. The artist begging for mercy.

Preparing in the Pálffy Palace

Erwin Wurm, an Austrian multimedia artist, will present an exhibition in the Bratislava City Gallery, the focus of which will be his most extensive and world-famous One Minute Sculptures series. Today is a time of crossing borders in all directions in art, but Wurm managed to do something unique – a strong artistic gesture that can appeal to a wide audience to the extent that it sometimes even penetrates the world of pop culture. Thus it co-creates the visual horizon of our civilization.


The exhibition will be the second project of the Milota Havránková Foundation (established in 2021). In line with the foundation's concept, which is directed at supporting the presentation of photographic works not only of established but also of emerging artists.

The Worlds of Jindřich Chalupecký

Current exhibition in Mirbach Palac

One of the most significant contributions of the Czech art critic Jindřich Chalupecký (1910–1990) is considered to be his contribution to the internationalisation of the artistic sphere of former Czechoslovakia. During the 1960s and 1970s, he established relations with essential personalities from the foreign art scene, was a driving force behind international cultural exchanges, and was a tireless promoter of Czechoslovak art beyond its borders. To understand his views on the art of individual nations and his role as a cultural mediator, it is interesting to look at his relationship with Slovak art.
BADW 2022

Bratislava Design Week 2022

v Mirbachovom paláci

Bratislava Design Week is the largest international event in Slovakia dedicated to contemporary design. This year, too, it will be held during Advent. This year's theme is Fragility. In the curatorial part, international design works will be presented, which infiltrate the permanent exhibition of the Central European Baroque Painting and Sculpture. These will be exhibitors such as mischer'traxler studio (AT), BCXSY (NL), Roman Šedina (CZ), Laboratory of the Future (CZ), Cindy Kútiková (CZ) and also designers from the domestic scene.

Additional program

Nothing to show.

Permanent Exhibitions

Gotická tabuľová maľba a plastika

Gothic Panel Painting and Plastic Art

Permanent exhibition in Pálffy Palace

The exhibition was originally designed by curator Želmíra Grajciarová. It opened in 1998 on the first floor of Pálffy Palace following complete reconstruction of the building and its subsequent opening to the public under management of the Bratislava City Gallery.
Stredoeurópske barokové maliarstvo a sochárstvo

Central European Baroque Painting and Sculpture

Permanent exhibition in Mirbach Palace

On the first floor of Mirbach Palace, a significant number of the original interior elements of Rococo decoration have been preserved. These include tiled stoves, wooden wall panelling with coloured graphic sheets, and rare stucco ceiling decoration. The lives of the aristocratic families who lived in the Palace were primarily spent in the state rooms facing Františkánske Square, rooms in which period decoration was complemented by works of art and luxurious furniture.
Francis Cleyn – autor predlohy: Stretnutie Hero s Leandrom pri Venušinom chráme. Okolo 1630, hodváb, vlna, 310 x 340 cm.

English Tapestries

Permanent exhibition in the Primate's Palace

The Primate's Palace, one of the most beautiful classicist buildings in Bratislava, was built in 1778 by Archbishop Cardinal Jozef Batthyány in accordance with the project of architect Melchior Hefele. The palace and its famous Hall of Mirrors have been the scene of many important historical events: in 1805, the Treaty of Pressburg between the Austrian and French armies was signed there; and the Hungarian Parliament, although it convened in the building of today's University Library, used to be opened there.

Picture Gallery

The Primatial Palace

The Archbishop's Winter Palace, in its current classicist form known as the Primatial Palace, was built by Archbishop Jozef Batthyány (1727–1799). It was completed in 1781 and belonged to Hungarian Primates until 1903, when church leaders sold it to the town. The Primatial Palace is closely connected with the history of Bratislava City Gallery, which was located there until 1975 and regularly held temporary exhibitions in the current Justi Hall on its ground floor. Prior to reconstruction of the building in 1986, the city's art collections were installed in various arrangements, mainly within state rooms on the first floor.
Central European painting from the mid-18th century: The Virgin Mary as Queen of Angels. 1740–1760, oil on canvas, 500 x 565 cm.

The Virgin Mary as Queen of Angels

Permanent exhibition in Chapel of St. John the Evangelist

The painting was administratively transferred from the Municipal Museum in Bratislava to the GMB Collection in 1965. It is classified under inventory number A2470. An original assumption that it had continuously formed part of the interior of the Clarissine Church in Bratislava since dissolution of the monastery of the same name in 1782 proved incorrect.
Grafické kabinety

Graphics Cabinets

Permanent exhibition in Mirbach Palace

The Graphics Cabinets form the interior decoration in two rooms on the first floor of Mirbach Palace, having probably been commissioned by one of the original owners of the building. They are exceptional not only for their rococo stucco decorated ceilings, but also for wooden panelling into which are embedded 290 graphic sheets, engravings, etchings and mezzotints from the second half of the 17th and 18th centuries that have been secondarily coloured by unknown authors.

BIATEC. Celtic Mint

Permanent exhibition in Pálffy Palace

New permanent exhibition BIATEC. Celtic Mint, prepared by the Municipal Monument Preservation Institute Bratislava (MÚOP) in cooperation with Bratislava City Gallery (GMB), presents cultural heritage through visual stories. Combining architectural design of a relatively small space with modern digital technologies brings rich content to the audience through interactive processing.

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