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Another original of Tilgner´s fountain Triton and Nymph, situated at the courtyard of Mirbach Palace, can be seen in the Volksgarten in Vienna.


Que Viva Picasso

Author: Pablo Picasso
Mirbach Palace (show Contact)
7. 3. 2019 - 2. 6. 2019

The exhibition Que Viva Picasso has been mounted as a celebration of March, the National Reading month. It presents seven graphic cycles by Pablo Picasso (1881 – 1973), one of the most famous representatives of the School of Paris, from a private collection of Thomas Emmerling.


Pablo Picasso was a painter, sculptor, designer, draughtsman and graphic artist. His revolutionary works can be regarded as an original contribution to the 20th century culture. Picasso was very creative and prolific; his body of work contains paintings, drawings, sculptures, set designs, costume designs, various constructions, pottery, collages, illustrations, etc.   


The exhibition presents Picasso´s works from limited bibliophile editions executed after 1945.


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Pablo Picasso

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