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About us

Bratislava City Gallery (GMB), a contributory organisation of the municipality, was established in 1961 as an independent cultural institution. It aims to acquire, purposefully and systematically, study, protect, document and present, in the form of exhibitions, permanent expositions, research, educational and publication activities, the items from the area of visual arts. The Gallery builds its collection as a part of the cultural heritage of the city of Bratislava. Currently, it houses over 35,000 art items documenting the development of visual arts in Slovakia from the Gothic period to the present. Besides, the GMB collection also includes works by Central European old masters.


The Gallery also plays a crucial role in the area of cultural heritage preservation. Mirbach Palace and Pálffy Palaces, the Gallery´s seats, have been inscribed in the list of national cultural monuments.


Today, the Gallery sees its role in a much broader context. The expert team tries to find new ways of connecting its work with other fields and bring the meaning of art to the public. The Gallery opens its gates to create an inclusive, friendly and inspiring environment for everybody: local artists, communities and fellow citizens with special needs.


Bratislava City Gallery enters the public space through activities aimed at the conservation and implementation of artworks located in the exterior of individual city areas. It runs an education programme focused on public space, its values and the role it plays in the life of urban society.


Gallery education 


Annually, the GMB education department prepares over 200 programmes for children, young adults, teachers, seniors and parents on maternity/paternity leave. It also runs various programmes accompanying the temporary exhibitions that aim to widen access to the visual arts. Currently, they work on establishing the educational centre at Mirbach Palace that would be open to the public all year long.


Publication activities  


The publications of Bratislava City Gallery include exhibition catalogues, monographs on artists whose works are included in the Gallery´s collection and research outputs. They are available at the Gallery and in the bookshops offering art books.


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Open daily except Mondays
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Pohľad z hradu Starhemberg
Author: Moritz Saint Genois
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