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Between 1979 and 1993, there was the Gallery of a Child at the City Gallery of Bratislava. 


GMB for families: Following green sign
We would like to invite you to the spring nature: let´s discover new places situated away from popular hiking trails. Download HERE.


Dezider Toth
Stop Motion Challenge

Creative challenge for teenagers using mobile to download HERE.

GMB for families: Everyone can be a collector


Some artists are incredible hoarders. And what´s more, they are even showing it to the world! We all have some kind of experience with collecting, cumulating and clearing out things. What do you like to collect?


Tamara Klimová

Tamara Klimová, Still Life I, GMB collection


Activity: Still Life

The still life painting was very popular with the painters of the past. In their studios, they set up intriguing groupings of objects and transferred them into the canvas.

Sometimes they even painted objects found by chance in the street. Let´s turn our homes to the artist studio.


Collect five objects of the same colour as fast as you can, and use them to arrange a still life on the table. Then search the flat/house and find a still life that is only waiting for a perceptive eye of the artist. It can be a random grouping of objects, regarded as a mess by someone less creative.

If you are so inclined, you can paint the still life or take a photograph of it.


Stanislav Filko: Monster I, 1967, GMB collection

Stanislav Filko, Monster I, 1967, GMB collection

Activity: 3D Collage

This kind of work is referred to as an assemblage, which, in fact, is a 3D collage. 
Search the house, find three different objects of the same material, and try to create a similar assemblage. Put them firmly together without using glue. If you have courage, you can use even more objects.


You can send your works to email address: The selected works will be posted on the GMB website.


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Pohľad z hradu Starhemberg
Author: Moritz Saint Genois
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