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Before 1975, the City Gallery of Bratislava had its seat in the premises of the Primatial Palace.


2/3 Filko - Binder - Vongrej

Authors: Stano Filko - Erik Binder - Martin Vongrej
Pálffy Palace (show Contact)
8. 10. 2020 - 17. 1. 2021
Curator: Lucia G. Stach

Although it might not be obvious at first sight, a common exhibition adventure of these three artists is about emptiness, the fulfilment and transformation of emptiness. It takes the form of an explosive and dynamic encounter of the artists of different generations who are bound together by their ambition to search for spiritual meaning of art as a creative projection of ego into an infinite set of individual attempts for a gradual transformation of chaotic reality into the cosmological order. In their artistic programmes, they use various information sources and methods as well as a variety of materials and techniques in a conceptual manner. Erik Binder and Martin Vongrej have currently cooperated on new works while Stano Filko is represented by the selection of works and ideas. Yet, from the very beginning, it was him and his brave, even infantile, barbarian, and therefore an unswerving psychophysical cosmological system that has inspired the two living artists to examine their works through the eyes of the other. They try to reach both the artistic and the spiritual intersection of their higher “selves”. That´s also the reason why they open the emptiness to new ideas, connecting and disconnecting, finding the content in the crevices of lost subjects. Using the symbols, they endow the material with life and give a vivid picture to the faded images and shapes. They worship their ego just to abandon it in favour of common effort, in the interest of continuing experience and consistent escape to the higher awareness of the presence, which they refer to as “diagonal penetration and radial radiation” (EB and MV).


Stano Filko (1937 Veľká Hradná – 2015 Bratislava), the oldest from the three artists, is a neo-avant-garde artist who left behind a richly structured work, which he authentically rewrote into his personal cosmological system – SF System. “S.F. = philosophy of my grandparents, teachers in Veľká Hradná. As a child, they introduced me to numerology. My work is based on numerology /IN UNIVERSAL AND COSMIC MANNER/. Chakras are time energies /FLOWING UP TO 300000 KM/S PHYSICALLY TIMESPACE IQ 3.D/, which represent the third and the fourth dimension coming to our sun from our galaxy; /THROUGH OUR/ system of stars they reach the people /ON THE EARTH/. People contain the first to the sixth chakras /3.D/, the seventh, /3.D, 4.D/, the eight and the ninth chakras /4.D DSQ SPIRITUALEQ (AQ)/, /10. 11. 12/ are superhuman. Every chakra has the NUMBER, ENERGY, and COLOUR. The number is based on numerology, long before Kabala and the Old Testament.” (SF)

In terms of geography and content, Filko ranks among the artists with powerful personal legends and is situated between the East and the West. During his lifetime, he became an institution within which he established his studio on Snežienkova Street in Bratislava like a living statue, a museum and an archive. The black EGO tied to the corporeality of the red third dimension (3.D), travelling after death through the blue, cosmic fourth dimension (4.D), finds a resting place in the immortality and eternity of the white, immaterial fifth dimension (5.D).

Erik Binder (1974 Hnúšťa-Likier) has built his re-emerging artistic programme on the inversion of creative work. In his words, instead of deliberately producing the art he lets the art to transform himself and the world he lives in. It is not a desolate place; it is populated by all people whose existence weaves, in any way, in the web of Binder´s artistic world through communication, cooperation, image, scent or touch. He seems to courageously live in the ruins of his world with which he is permanently playing. From seeming chaos in his studio on Silvánska Street in Bratislava, which is a total artwork and a cosmological model of its own, the intermingled, hybrid, re-articulated ideas and objects constantly emerge. To bring them to the existence, it is necessary to open the emptiness: sunyata like the void, which is fluid, white, timeless, resigned and promising.

The emptiness of Martin Vongrej (1986 Bratislava) resembles most a yawning hole in the mirror. He builds a sacred, visually impressive altar to the sterility, the insatiable desire and the unvoiced meaning. Geometric precision refers to both the void and the absorbing universe. In his intuitive and instinct-driven work, he experiences the emptiness as the anxiety and uneasiness, the rift in reality through which the unknown enters.

The exhibition originated from mutual overlaps of artists´ works. As a result, a brand new place appeared: the eutopia as the forth, common emptiness that is prepared for the entrance of new meanings. Like a timid attempt for the spirituality of new belief in the future.


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Stano Filko - Erik Binder - Martin Vongrej

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