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Between 1979 and 1993, there was the Gallery of a Child at the City Gallery of Bratislava. 


First Slovak in Formula 1

Author: Martin Trenkler
Mirbach Palace (show Contact)
29. 11. 2006 - 14. 1. 2007
Curator: Marian Pauer

Photographer Martin Trenkler

-First Slovak in Formula 1

The company Henkel Slovakia organises already the 7th annual of a unique and very successful project Henkel Slovakia for Slovakia. In the cycle of photographs “Shapes and Faces of Formula 1” introduces the first official Slovak photographer of the fastest car race in the world – Martin Trenkler. The photographs exhibited in the City Gallery of Bratislava are an artistic view at the world of the main actors of the Grand Prix. They enable visitors of the exhibition to look into the backstage of the magical world of fame, courageous pilots and attractive women which is for usual spectators of the races covered by a cloak of secrecy. The exhibition was prepared by the curator Marián Pauer.

Martin Trenkler

Born in Trebišov /1982/ begun to study at the Department of Journalism FFUK in Bratislava but after three semesters he went to Frankfurt over Main to an internship by a famous German photographer Rainer Schlegelmilch.

The first Grand Prix of Formula 1 he absolved already as an accredited photographer in 2002 in Austria. Two years later he became the main photographer of the F1 Magazine, official magazine of Formula 1, which is published by Formula One Management, holder of rights to F1 and he cooperates also with the famous French photographer of F1 Paul-Henri Cahier. Accept for this M. Trenkler became also the official photographer of the boss of F1 Bernie Ecclestone. For the biggest producer of brake discs in the world – the firm Brembo Italia which supplies brakes also for the Ferrari team he photographed a worldwide poster. In the years 2004 -2005 he was the main photographer for Wake Up famous Parisian agency for the famous race Le Mans 24 Hours. In the year 2004 M. Trenkler became the Holder of the prize for the Prettiest Photograph of the Year on the 20th annual of the International Automobile Festival in Paris. M. Trenkler published in 2005 his first book publication Formula One in Pictures and in the competition Team Spirit, announced by Renault for F1 photographers, he gained the 1st place at the Grand Prix of Hungary. Until now he absolved Grand Prix F1 in Europe, Malaysia, Bahrain and in Brazil.


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Martin Trenkler

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