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Roberto Matta, Gonzalo Cienfuegos

Mirbach Palace (show Contact)
21. 6. 2007 - 5. 8. 2007
Curator: Esperanza Martínez-Rapport

We are proud to present two of our most remarkable Chilean artists
here in Bratislava: Roberto Matta and Gonzalo Cienfuegos.

Roberto Matta has played an important role in art history as a member
of the surrealist group und as mentor for artists such as Gorky,
Pollock, De Kooning, Rothko, and Motherwell.
He is internationally recognized and has presented solo exhibits in
the most important museums of the world.
His works are included in collections of museums such as the
Metropolitan Museum in New York, the Museum of Contemporary Art
Chicago, Centre Pompidou, Peggy Guggenheim, Tate Gallery,
Thissen-Bornemisza Museum, etc.
His work can be interpreted as a vision of the spaces of the
unconscious or as landscapes of the outer space.
He opened a new dimension for arts.
The exhibit contains twelve etchings from series of the years 1973,
1976-77 and 1985.
Gonzalo Cienfuegos, is painter and sculptor, is also internationally
well known. He is member of the Academy of the Arts in Chile and
teaches painting since 1976 at the Catholic University in Santiago.
His works frequently contain quotations from or references to
masterworks of painting, and does so without inhibiting his
unmistakable personal style.
Mixing elements of the theatrical stage and dreaming, the artist
manages to create landscapes of fictional worlds. His graphic works
clearly indicate the force and spontaneity of his sketches and the
magic of the personalities and worlds in his etchings.
This exhibit displays twelve of his pastel drawings from the year 2006.

Curator: Esperanza Martínez-Rapport


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