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Pocta veľkému maliarovi Rudolfovi Krivošovi

Author: Rudolf Krivoš
Mirbach Palace (show Contact)
22. 9. 2017 - 14. 1. 2018

Rudolf Krivoš, born on 16th November 1933 in Tisovec, is the only living member, and a co-founder, of Mikuláš Galanda Group. The works and the 1957 manifesto of the Group played a crucial role in the struggle for a modern art in Czechoslovakia. The Group members held group exhibitions between 1957 and 1968, with the first public display taking place in Žilina and the last one in Berlin. They were friends who met during their studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava. Not having a joint artistic programme, they were bound together by a negative attitude to the official doctrine of socialist realism. But above all, they were charismatic personalities with individual style searching for their own way.

     During his studies at the Department of figural painting led by Prof. Ján Mudroch Rudolf Krivoš stood out for not only his talent but also a broad range of knowledge and diligence. He graduated in 1956 with a diploma thesis for which he was awarded the Academy Prize. It did not take him long to find his own artistic expression; his individual style began to develop as soon as in the early 1960s.

     The exhibition at the Mirbach Palace shows seventy-one crucial works loaned by ten Slovak galleries, the National Bank of Slovakia, the artist himself and seven private art collectors. Due to the fact that Rodolf Krivoš took an active part in the selection of works, the exhibition presents a brand new view of his body of work. And here we are not only talking about so far unpublished paintings. No art historian would dare to limit the selection of works for retrospection with the year of 1990. In the following period, the artist made many remarkable paintings, however, he did not want to put them on display and he also decided not to show any of his landscapes.

     The preparation of the exhibition has taken almost two years. It was a collective work and I would like to thank all galleries and private collectors who were very helpful and loaned us works for the show. It is interesting that the request for loan has only been rejected by those who received paintings as a gift from the artist. I would also like to express my gratitude to all those who took part in this difficult project, namely a specialist adviser I. Jančár, an author of texts for the publication J. Mojžiš, an ambitious graphic designer A. Andreutti-Pokorná, and A. Sopková from the Bratislava City Gallery.

     The outstanding body of work of Rudolf Krivoš constitutes an important part of Slovak cultural heritage. And Slovakia should take a good care of it and guard it like a treasure.


Jan Kukal                                                                                                               


Selection of works and concept of the exhibition   


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Rudolf Krivoš

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