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The City Gallery of Bratislava organises workshops for families with children?

Programs for schools

Education programmes – guided tours, animations and creative workshops – take place in the historical premises of Pálffy Palace and Mirbach Palace. They are intended for all types of nursery, primary and secondary schools, universities and interest groups. The ambition of programmes is to enable the visitors to get in touch with the world of art through personal experience and enhance the creative thinking and skills of children and young people.

Education programmes of the City Gallery of Bratislava are available all year long. They are organised to both the permanent exhibitions and the selected current exhibitions focused especially on modern and contemporary art.



Venue: Pálffy Palace, Panská 19
The small collection of Gothic art helps us to understand life in the middle ages and compare it with the present.

LIFE IN MIDDLE AGES – creative workshop
Talks about life in the middle ages and its connection to the present linked with creative activity. Try to imagine your life 500 years ago and discover stories of people in the paintings and sculptures from the past.

Venue: Mirbach Palace, Františkánske nám. 11
The city of Bratislava is associated with life stories of many monarchs and artists. In the 18th century, the artists created many WHAT DOES MY FACE REVEAL? – creative workshop
Three character heads created by F. X. Messerschmidt will help us to uncover different facial expressions and their meaning.

WHAT DOES MY NAME MEAN? – creative workshop
Every name has a meaning and a famous bearer. In the past, the names of saints were given to children to protect their namesakes. What is the story of my patron saint whose name I bear?

Venue: Pálffy Palace, Panská 19
We invite you to discover the world of recent past and present through the changes in the world of art. The programmes are focused on better understanding of the world of art through individual artworks and artists. The programmes are intended for all age groups. The exhibition of the 20th century art also includes the interactive installation Passage by Matej Krén.


The education programmes needs to be ordered at least seven days in advance either by phone or by e-mail. For more detailed information please contact:

Mgr. Daniela Čarná, gallery educator 
Mirbachov palác GMB
Františkánske nám. 11
815 35 Bratislava
Tel./fax: +421 2 5443 2807

Duration of a guided tour and creative workshop: ca 50 min.
Minimum number of participants: 5
Maximum number of participants: 25 – 30 (for creative workshops 15 – 20)


Daily except Mondays, 11.00 – 18.00
There is a possibility of opening at 10.00 am.


Children, students: EUR 1.00 
A teacher in charge of students at the gallery: admission free  


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Open daily except Mondays
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Open daily except Mondays
11am - 6 pm

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