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Before 1975, the City Gallery of Bratislava had its seat in the premises of the Primatial Palace.

Children's guides

Apart from education programmes and a school programme Closer to the art, the Bratislava City Gallery also focuses on children visiting gallery with their parents. In 2007 we have started publishing the edition of Children´s guides to selected current and permanent exhibitions, intended for children above five years. The aim of the guides is to enable the youngest visitors to experience the perception of the world of fine art and enjoyment of its discovering.

The children´s guides have a form of a workbook containing interactive tasks that provide basic information about the artist or the subject of the exhibition. Simple exercises lead to an active perception of the exhibition, to personal experience and association. Through the tasks focused on the perception of artwork and their interconnection with the world of the child the guide provides information about the world of art. Every guide includes brief description of the exhibition (subject or an artist) and glossary of terms from the history of art that outline the subject not only to children but also to the adults.

Every child will get a guide together with a ticket (the adults can buy it for a symbolic price). 


• Detský sprievodca svetom umenia v prírode, GMB 2007
• Detský sprievodca svetom grafiky, GMB 2007
• Detský sprievodca svetom Jana Zrzavého, GMB 2007
• Detský sprievodca umením 20. storočia, GMB 2008 – k stálej expozícii 20. storočia v Pálffyho paláci
• Detský sprievodca svetom Josefa Čapka, GMB 2009
• Detský sprievodca svetom keramiky, GMB 2009 – k výstave Keramická tvorba z manufaktúry v Sevres
• Detský sprievodca svetom Cypriána Majerníka, GMB 2009 – k výstave Cypriána Majerníka
• Detský sprievodca svetom Skupiny Mikuláša Galandu, GMB 2010 – k výstave Galandovci

Author: Daniela Čarná
Graphic design: Tomáš Vicen/TRIAD Advertising


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